Spark International

About us

History of the company

Spark International company has started activity since 1997. Adaptation of commercial space and restoration of historical dwellings was the main area of ​​activity. Over the years the company has increased the number of employees and specialized collaborators realizing complex construction projects, and since 2005 the company has joined the design office. In subsequent years, began operations outside Polish borders. At the moment we are a multi-site company executing orders in Poland, European Union countries and Norway.

Polish branch provides services to domestic customers and orders in the European Union, while the Norwegian branch supports Norway and the Scandinavian countries. We provide comprehensive services to match the needs of the client area (offices, commercial, residential and public). Our implementation includes activities from the design phase through the execution of installation and construction to commissioning. Our responsibility starts from the design phase where we can propose ideas arrangement of shops, offices, residential apartments, commercial areas etc. The concept also includes the designing, production and delivering of equipment. The entire project completed for the customer also takes into account the valuation of the various stages of the project and the timetable of the work. Along with the implementation of construction works dealing with the selection of materials and material logistics. Until the project is assigned to a competent project manager responsible for the work schedule and the quality of installation and assembly work.

Our Mission

Our mission is provide to comprehensive services to the highest level of attention to customer satisfaction and user comfort achieved through professionalism, passion, high efficiency, and partner relationships with suppliers and subcontractors.